Care Plans

Wirecare: Wirecare covers all of wiring inside your house. Everything from normal wear and tear to your new puppy chewing anything and everything. If a problem ever occurs a Bell technicial will come to your house, locate the problem and fix it at no additional charge to you. Monthly Fee: $6.95 per month.* Phonecare: With todays technology and quality there’s no guarantee that your house phone will last as long as it should. With Phonecare you know your phones are covered and if anything should happen to the phone from normal wear and tear. Replacement shipped directly to your home. Monthly Fee: $6.95 per month. * Dish Care: You never know when something might happen to your dish or receiver. With Dish Care your LNBF, up to 6 receivers, up to 6 remotes, dish pan, and SW21 switch are covered if any defect should happen with normal use. With warranties only lasting for the first year (warranty doesn’t cover all components) you can have the extra security of knowing all your parts are covered. Monthly Fee: $6.95 per month. *